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๐Ÿš€ Welcome to the Hamilton Hub

ยท One min read
Stefan Krawczyk

Welcome to the Hamilton Dataflow Hub!

We're excited to kick off this project and hope that it will be a useful resource for the community. Hamilton is like a Swiss army knife, it's very versatile, as you can use it for data, ML, LLM, and web work!

We envision this hub, as a place to share the flows you've built that can be useful to others! As well as a place for you to find flows that others have built that you can use and easily modify for your work!

How to useโ€‹

  1. Browse the dataflows defined.
  2. Find a dataflow you want to use.
  3. Cut and paste the code snippet to get started with it!
  4. Use the dataflow as is, or modify it to your needs by copying it to your own repository via copy().

How to contributeโ€‹

We're excited to have you contribute to the Hamilton Dataflow Hub!

Head on over to github and read the instructions.

If you have questions, join us on slack.